Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Patients living in the South Bay and the greater Los Angeles area who are diagnosed with breast cancer have effective medical solutions and treatment options at the South Bay Breast Center. The specialized surgeons use oncoplastic surgical techniques for the best cancer outcomes. They offer skin or nipple sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction in coordination with plastic surgeons.

Breast Surgery Q & A

Oncoplastic surgery is the combination of the newest plastic surgery techniques and breast surgical oncology techniques. For patients who need a significant lumpectomy — one that results in breast distortion and overall unevenness — this combination procedure improves the appearance of the breasts and allows them to even again. The tissue that remains after the lumpectomy can be surgically sculpted with a realignment of the nipple to give it a natural look, and the other breast can be modified for an even appearance. In cases where the nipple blood supply is lost during the procedure, a nipple graft allows it to be put back in place once the surgical shaping is done.

In a skin sparing mastectomy, the breast tissue is removed but the skin isn’t. This allows for the breasts to be reconstructed with implants or with tissue from elsewhere in the patient’s body. In a nipple sparing mastectomy, both the nipples and the skin are preserved to allow for implant or tissue replacement.

In a lymph node dissection, the lymph nodes in the breast are surgically removed as part of cancer treatment. At the Association of South Bay Surgeons, the surgeons remove only the necessary lymph nodes using techniques like selective axillary node dissection.

The surgical approach to treatment for BRCA mutation carriers or high-risk patients depends on the patient and their risk level. Options include radical lumpectomy and mastectomy. The patient and doctor work together to determine which treatment is best for the individual.

The Association of South Bay Surgeons is proud to have the leading multidisciplinary breast cancer team in the entire area. Specialists from medical, radiation, and surgical oncology work together to provide the most advanced individualized treatment plans. The Association of South Bay Surgeons treats almost 500 women each year. Full services include comprehensive screening, diagnostic, medical and surgical breast services, nutrition and genetics counseling, and a full array of psychosocial support for patients and families are all provided.


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